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Several BYU alumni earn best paper awards

At the recent Synopsys Users Group (SNUG) conference in San Jose Mar 16-18, BYU graduates swept the Best Paper awards. The SNUG conference is a technical meeting for designers of digital architectures and circuits and had more than 2,100 engineers in attendance, with individual session having 300-600 engineers apiece. The best paper awards given out by the conference were:

Best Paper - 1st Place - Cliff Cummings - Sunburst Design, Inc. - BYU BSEE - April 1982 Title: SystemVerilog Assertions - Design Tricks and SVA Bind Files

Best Paper - 2nd Place - Kelly Larson - MediaTek Wireless, Inc. - BYU BSEE - December 1987 Title: Advanced VMM Transactor Development: Tips for Designing VIP You Wouldn't Mind Reusing

Best Paper - 3rd Place - Don Mills - Microchip Technology - BYU BSEE - December 1985 Title: If Chained Implications in Properties Weren't So Hard, They'd Be Easy

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