Outcome 5 Competencies

Competencies Class Number
Ability to design and verify software that exploits a buffer-overflow security flaw in example code. ECEn 424
Ability to interpret and synthesize signals and systems in both the time and frequency domains. ECEn 380
Ability to recognize the mathematical properties of signals and systems including linearity, time invariance, causality, stability, etc. ECEn 380
Facility with microwave passive and active structures. ECEn 464
Ability to apply modern optical test equipment to measure optical communication system parameters. ECEn 466
Ability to apply matched filter techniques to detection. ECEn 485
Ability to use basic DSP functions and algorithms (i.e., FIR filters, IIR filters, polyphase systems, windows, FFTs, etc.) to formulate and solve engineering problems. ECEn 487
Ability to take high level, customer requirements, identify from them the specifications a solution must meet, and formulate those specifications as an engineering problem. ECEn 490
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